Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 5 : Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Week 5

   My example of a great Marketing situation is a person named Rocky Kanaka & his conversation(s) with PetSmart. I believe that this marketing situation is working well because Rocky is talking about his company DogforDog how how they teamed up with PetSmart in order to throw an adoption event in order to spread awareness of not only the adoption event but DogforDog, PetSmart, & the TV show SaveOurShelter. I feel that this is working out well because the two twitter feeds might be a bit crowded for my liking but the individual tweets are tagged well & the two companies are having a conversation with each other not promoting too much product (although there is some up-selling) & the Right Hook seems to be aimed more for their TV show SaveOurShelter then it's revolved around selling a product.

[Rocky Kanaka (Man holding the black puppy) & a TV crew filming for the TV show SaveOurShelter]


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