Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 2 Topic 1: Marketing in the News

Marketing in the News Week 2

   The Only article I came arcoss that had to due with Marketing in the News as of 1/18 was 

PSU OMCs in focus after reduction in fuel price ... All I got out of the article was that some companies reduced prices on their  oil while the government increased prices on oil. other than this the  article was hard to follow & I couldn't make out anything other that what was stated above. I really wish I was able to find a better more easy-to-follow article but this is all I came across. 
   The only marketing challenge I came across was that challenge of how best to maximize profits while reducing price this seems almost counter-intuitive seeing as how it's a reaction to other oil companies more than a 'trying to increase profits' move.
   I don't feel like I learned a damn thing that's class related within this article. I was only able to understand & follow the first few paragraphs before I was lost trying to understand all the foreign numbers & examples that was being thrown my way... If anything I've learned not write my articles using foreign currency without at the very least added a currency conversion rate diagram. 

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