Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 1 Topic 1: About me within my Principles of Marketing Class

About me within my Principles of Marketing Class

   What prompted me to enroll in BA223 Principles of Marketing course at LBCC was that I needed to get full time status & some of the classes I needed to take were ether full, not available, or had surprise/unknown pre-recs for me to take first.
   The degree I'm going for is my Accounting Tech, I don't feel like that really qualifies as a major of any sort seeing as how it's only a two year program but I guess it's a business degree of some type.

   Because I know very little about Marketing I believe my honest opinion is that I'm trying to learn as much about Marketing as I can. I don't consider myself to be artistic enough and I have no desire (at this time) to work within the Marketing field I really do feel that I'm just wanting to learn about what makes marketing... Marketing.
   Things about me I'm passionate about? Well I feel that I truly have yet to find my passion(s) yet. I like to play video games but I don't feel passionate about them. I love working with Pets @ Petsmart but I don't get enough time to 'play' with them not to mention I'm allergic to just about every type of animal we sell (not deathly allergic just enough to make me plug up & feel under the weather) so playing with pets for a living is out of the question. I think that if I was to truly be passionate about something it'd probably be learning & teaching. I love to read Science News Magazine & read about all the really cool discoveries that we've unearthed over the last few months, I also really like to apply the concepts I learn in SC magazine or in college to real life as much as possible; I don't like to go out & run experiments so to say but I do like to discus what I've learned/read with others & apply those concepts in more of an intellectual concept than a physical one. Although I say that I love to teach what I've learned to others I oddly find myself not wanting to acquire a Master degree in order to teach (maybe that will change down the road but for now...) I just want to be as debt free as I can & even chasing this Tech degree is enough to make me stress out from time to time. I'm prosuing a Accounting Tech degree more so because I'm good with numbers, it's a stable job market, & because I don't see myself working anything other than a desk job... I don't have the stamina to work construction, or stocking jobs, or run marathons, I don't even have the motivations to work out or partake in any outdoor physical activities. So all in all I think I know what I'm passionate about but I'm not sure what it is exactly yet. I'm not even sure I have the motivation to make it happen, if or when I do figure out for sure that that's what I want to do... Which kinda defeats the purpose of it being a passion in the first place... Doesn't it?

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