Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 2 Topic 2: Social Listening

Social Listening

   The brand that I selected for my Social Listening Blog is one of my favorite brands, Science News Magazine, I chose this brand because of my love of science & how this is one of my only methods (so far) of unending learning. I've only been a subscriber for a few years but I can't stop myself of excitement every time I open up my Kindle & find that I've got a new magazine to read (& it only costs me about $2.95 a month!). It's full of random scientific papers that are easy to follow & caught my attention from day one, very few articles are boring (to me) and they're full of detail.
   Alas my assignment asks me what their Value Proposition is... & quite frankly I have no idea. I have missed an entire weeks worth of schooling due to work & I have no idea what Value Proposition is nor can I find any data regarding this subject. 
   Once again another part of my assignment is to find three things people are saying about Science News... I first went to Twitter but because I'm a noob at this platform I couldn't figure out how to access what people were saying about the various subjects that were projected onto their Twitter feed. I then looked to their Facebook page where I found a much easier access to what was being said... What I found was unsettling. I found one person zealously telling others that their believes were going to cause them to go to hell, I found  most others commenting their own ideals onto the posts some followed with questions while others stated opinions without producing supporting details.
   If I was brand manager of Science News I'd block or delete those that aggressively attacked my website, although I don't have a problem with others disagreeing with what's being said about articles or with people bring up religious views within a scientific community in order to create dialogue, feedback, or positive criticism. I do have a problem with people using ALL CAPS in order to tell others that they're going to hell simply because they believe differently than myself. As a brand manager & from what I've seen so far I wouldn't change their social media format from what I've already seen, I feel that it gets right to the point (or post lol) & doesn't do much other than what most scientific agendas should do. They post articles relating to the newest found scientific 'discoveries' & they allow their readers to post their comments & increase the awareness/dialogue of the content that's being 'discovered' hence the awareness of the 'product' and the 'dialogue' of those who care about the 'product'.

Science News Magazine Facebook page

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Science News Magazine Twitter  Page

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