Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 1 Topic 2: Marketing in the News Assignment

Marketing in the News Assignment

   After looking though a few articles (I was really hoping to post one dealing with science atlas I couldn't find an appealing one)... I did find one that caught my eye however; I stumbled across an article regarding Google trying to increase it's presence in China by hiring fifty people for positions within China. To sum up the article a company owned by Google called Alphabet Inc. (turns out I got that part wrong, Alphabet owns Google) posted that it was looking to hire about fifty people to help increase it's presence in China, these ads have been noticed on LinkedIn & are focused around the new Google Play. According to the article this is the first investment Google has made in China since 2010 which ended with a company called Mobvoi Inc. Also within this 2010 period Google said it wouldn't censor content for Chinese services. Now a days Google doesn't have a search engine in China it's rival Baidu controls that market however Googles still has a strong presence when it comes to it's mobile & advertising business, it also seems to have a huge market with it's Android software.
   The main point that pull from this article in regards to marketing  is that google has finally decided to increase it's presence (I only wish the article went into more detail on this part) by using marketing strategies: namely advertising though LinkedIn, & focusing on wanting to hire people to help out with the Google Play project. This should help Google create a more worldwide desire & usability with it's Google Play.
   I feel like I learned a lot from reading this article, even though it was such a short one, it caused me to read a few wiki's to check into other companies mentioned (as noted in some link add-ons) & it brought into focus that even if you're one of the biggest businesses in the world there still might be markets out there to tap into & those markets might as to pay a high price in order to do so.

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